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Esoteric Edaikaadar - Part 3

Continuing Part 1 and Part 2, this post I wanted to write Edaikaadar's predictions for the next few years and the legends associated with this Siddhar. First let us see the predictions and the interesting legend about how Edaikaadar evaded the famine for 12 years and manipulated the planetary positions to reverse the effects of the famine.

Vijaya (விஜய )

மண்ணில்  விஜய  வருடம்  மழை  மிகுதி
எண்ணு  சிறு  தானியங்களெங்கும்  நண்ணும்
பயம்  பெருகி  நொந்து  பரிவாரமெல்லாம்
நயங்களின்றி வாடுமென  நாட்டு

Mannil Vijaya Varudam Mazhai Migudhi
Ennum Siru Dhaniyangal Engum Nannnum
Bayam Perugi Nondhu Parivaaram Ellam
Nayangalindri Vaadum Ena Naatu

meaning, In this land, during the Vijaya year, rainfall will be abundant. Pulses (Crops) will grow well. Fear will mount, and as a result, the army and people will become unhappy and weak.
Jeya (ஜெய )

ஜெய  வருடந்தன்னிலே  செய்புலங்களெல்லாம்
வியனுறவே  பைங்கூழ்  விளையும்  நயமுடனே
அஃகம் பெரிதாமளவில்  சுகம்  பெருகும்
வெஃகுவார்  மண்ணிறை  மேல்

Jeya Varudam Thannilae Sei Pulangal Ellam
Viyanuravae Painkoozh Vilayum Nayamudanae
Akkam Peridhaam Alavil Sugam Perugum
Vekkuvaar Mannirai Mael

meaning, during the "Jeya" year, crops will yield a good harvest in both the Nanjai and Punjai lands. Divine activities like Yaagams and Poojas will be on the rise. Everyone will be happy and comfortable. The rulers will become greedy and proud.
Manmadha (மன்மத)

மன்மததின்  மாரியுண்டு  வாழும்  உயிரெல்லாமே
நன்மை  மிகும்   பல்பொருளு  நண்ணுமே  மன்னவரால்
சீனத்தில்  சண்டை  உண்டு  தென்  திசையிற்  காற்று  மிகுதி
காணப்பொருள்  குறையும்  காண்

Manmadhathin Maariyundu Vaazhum Uyirellamae
Nanmai Migu Palporulum Nannumae Mannavaraal
Seenathil Sandai Undu Then Disayil Kaatru Migudhi
Kaanapporul Kuraiyum Kaan

meaning, In the year "Manmadha", rains will be good. People will live well and be bestowed with good things. Because of the decisions made by the rulers, China will have to face war. The southern regions of India will have more winds. As a result, items obtained from the forests will get reduced.
Dhunmugi (துன்முகி)

மிக்கான   துன்முகியில்  வேளாண்மை  யேறுமே
தொக்க  மழை  பின்னே  சொரியுமே  மிக்கான
குச்சர   தேசத்தில்  குறை  தீரவே  விளையும்
அச்சமில்லை  வெள்ளை  அரிதாம்

Mikkaana Dhunmugiyil Velanmai Yaerumae
Thokka Mazhai Pinnae Soriyumae Mikkaana
Kuchara Desathil Kurai Theeravae Vilayum
Achamillai Vellai Aridhaam

meaning, in the year Dhunmugi, agriculture will flourish, good amount rains will fall during the later part of th year. Gujarat will see good harvest. There is nothing to fear in this year, but products that are white - milk, salt, cotton etc will become scarce.
Heyvilambi (ஹேவிளம்பி)

ஹேவிளம்பி  மாறியற்பமெங்கும்  விளை  குறையுமே
பூவில்  விளைவரிதாம்  போர்மிகுதி  சாவதிகம்
ஆகுமே  வேந்தர்  அநியாயமே  புரிவர்
வேறுமே  மேதணி  தீ  மேல்

Heyvilambi Maari Arpam Engum Vilai Kuraiyumae
Poovil Vilaivaridhaam Pormigudhi Saavadhigam
Aagumae Vendhar Aniyayamae Purivar
Yerum Maedhani Thee Mael
meaning, during Heyvilambi, rains will fail and harvests will fall. Countries will wage war against each other. Rulers will begin to do injustice as a result, the world will burn in fire.

Vilambi (விளம்பி )

விளம்பி  வருடம்  விளைவு  கொஞ்சம்  மாரி
அளந்து  பொழியும்  அரசர்  கலங்க்முடன்
நோவான்  மெலிவரே  நோக்கரிதாகும்  கொடுமை
ஆவா புகலரிதாம்

Vilambi Varudam Vilaivu Konjam Maari
Alandhu Pozhiyum Arasar Kalangmudan
Novaan Melivarae Nokkaridhaagum Kodumai
Aava Pugalaridhaam
meaning, Vilambi year will see less harvests, rainfall will be just sufficient. Rulers will commit blatant injustice, torture and tyranny. Successful happenings will become scarce.

Now on to the interesting legend, where Edaikaadar manipulated the planets to bring prosperity. Edaikaadar was a shepherd and was herding his goats in the Podhigai hills. One day, one Siddhar was passing by those hills and Edaikaadar provided him with the goat's milk and other food items. As a token of gratitude, that Siddhar bestowed Edaikaadar with the knowledge of self-realisation. Edaikaadar attained knowledge and self-realisation. He acquired the knowledge of predicting things before hand and thus he then calculated that the next 12 years is going to suffer from drought and famine, started to train his goats to eat the Erukkilai (Madar plant), it is one of the plants that will survive even the toughest drought. Though it has medicinal properties, raw intake could cause a lot a problems that includes skin irritation. He also mixed the Kuruvaragu (a kind of millet) along with mud and started to construct a small hut in that region.

On the onset of the drought, grazing grounds started to dwindle and the goats were left with no other choice than to eat the Erukkilai. As a result, it will start to itch which in turn will make them to rub their skin against the walls of the hut. After the goats scratch themselves against the walls, the kuruvaragu will fall off along with the dried mud. Edaikaadar collected these, prepared food and made his living.

Soon, all the people in that place, fled to other areas because of the severe drought. But Edaikaadar stayed there, as he had the way to endure the drought. The Navagrahams (Nine planets) who influenced everything on this planet, were confused when they saw Edaikaadar being able to survive the drought, wanted to find out how he did.

The Navagrahams, went to Edaikaadar's place to find out how he managed the drought. Edaikaadar realising that they are the Gods that represent the Navagrahams, received them well and his hospitality was great that he provided them with the Varagu food and goat's milk. Having had a lavish meal, the Navagrahams dozed off. At that time, Edaikaadar changed their positions and thereby ending the drought. When the Navagrahams woke up they realised that their positions have been altered, grew furious, but the hospitality of Edaikaadar prevent them from cursing him, instead they blessed him and left the place.

Though the legend might not sound logical or even humanly possible to manipulate the planets, but Edaikaadar's predictions and his presence of mind enabled him to endure the drought and also maintain a herd which is appreciable.

More to come, until then...

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Hi Sathish, I am doing good. There are books available that has Edaikaadar's Venba songs. If not there is one particular book named "Muhurtha Tharangini" by Madheswaran, that has all these Venbas enlisted. However one point to note is that the author seems to have modified the original venbas to suit his thoughts.

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rohit more said...

Sir can you please tell me approximately when will you post

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