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Pattinathaar: The tycoon turned sanyasi - Part 2

Marudhavanan grew like a prince and enjoyed his life like a calf capering in the lush green fields. As Pattinathaar, Marudhavanan did not show interest in his studies. Pattinathaar was worried that education is his lineage seems to be a curse. As far as he can remember, nobody fared well in education in his ancestral lineage. however, he consoled that his son will get to learn the nuances of the business and will learn to manage the property over time, as he gets older. Time went on, and one day Marudhavanan expressed his interest to set sails across the oceans to where Pattinathaar's business ships travelled.

Pattinathaar got excited that Marudhavanan is growing up to become a tycoon like him. And that, he can slowly educate him on the nuances of the trade, made preparations for his travel. He gave instructions to the sailors of the boat that Marudhavanan went aboard. And Marudhavanan set sails on the ocean to far off countries where his father had business contacts. Before leaving he promised his father that he will bring the most valuable wealth that his father has ever seen. In all the places Marudhavanan went, he was invited with a lot of respect and grandeur.

Days went on and one fine day, the ship that Marudhavanan went, returned back to Kaveripoompattinam. Pattinathaar was excited to hear the news that his son is back. He went to receive his son back home. Marudhavanan hugged Pattinathaar and happily exclaimed that he has brought all the treasures he promised. He asked his father to order the workers to unload the treasures he brought with him and ran out saying that he is going to meet Grandmother. Pattinathaar ordered his men to unload the treasure. The men unloaded many sacks that arised a doubt in Pattinathaar mind, because, usually precious gems and gold will never be tied up in sacks rather they will be safely kept in boxes. Then, he opened one of the sacks and all he found was dried cow dung and husks.

Pattinathaar grew furious and asked one of his men to carry a sack, went home angrily and shouted where Marudhavanan was. His mother came out and was surprised to see her son angry, asked why he was angry. Pattinathaar told irritatedly "See what you grandson has got?" and kicked the sack down. The sack fell open and to his surprise the dried cow dung shattered into precious gems and the husk was nothing but golden husk. Pattinathaar's joy knew no bounds and was very happy that a his son Marudhavanan has brought in an enormous amount of wealth.

By then, his mother came near him, gave him a box and told that Marudhavanan asked her to give Pattinathaar this box. She also told Marudhavanan is a very playful kid that he gave this box and ran away saying not to search for him. Pattinathaar opened the box and found an eyeless needle and a small palm leaf with something written on it. It read,

"காதற்ற ஊசியும்  வாராது  காண்  கடைவழிக்கே"

"Kaadhatra Oosiyum Vaaraadhu Kaan Kadaivazhikkae"

meaning, This eyeless needle is useless and will not go to the market. And, even this useless needle will never accompany you in your final destiny (after death).

Pattinathaar felt dizzy and the world going around him. He found everything to be an illusion before him. He realised that he went in search of wealth that is unstable in life. His mother appeared to him as Goddess Shakti (Lord Shiva's consort) and Marudhavanan as Lord Kandhan (Lord Murugan). He realised that everything in life is just a hoax or an illusion and that we all are trapped in such an inescapable illusion. Now, he had his first wisdom realised.

நாபிளக்க  பொய்யுரைத்து  நவநிதியம்  தேடி
நலனொன்றும்  அறியாத  நாரியரைக்   கூடி
பூப்பிளக்க  வருகின்ற  புற்றீசல்  போல
புலபுலென  கலகலெனப்    புதல்வர்களை  பெறுவீர்
காப்பதற்கும்   வகையறியீர்  கைவிடவு  மாட்டீர் 
கவர்பிளந்த  மரத்துளையிற்  கால்நுழைத்துக்  கொண்டே
ஆப்பதனை   அசைத்துவிட்ட  குரங்கதனை  போல
அகப்பட்டீரே  கிடந்துழல அகப்பட்டீரே

Naapilakka Poiuraiththu Navanidhiyam Thaedi
Nalanondrum Ariyadha Naariyarai Koodi
Poopilakka Varugindra Puttreesal Pola
Pulapulena Kalakalavena Pudhalvargalai Peruveer
Kaapadharkkum Vagai Ariyeer Kaividavum Maateer
Kavarpilandha Maraththulaiyil Kaalnuzhaithu Kondae
Aapadhanai Asaithuvitta Kurangadhanai Pola
Agappatteerae Kidanthuzhala Agapatteerae

meaning, You gather all the nine kinds of wealth by uttering lies until your tongue gets split. You get together with women who don't even know what is good and what is bad. And like the termites that fly out cracking up the earth, you beget a lot of children. You don't know how to save them, you won't leave them and go away. This act is like the monkey that inserts its leg in the gap of a tree branch split up by a wedge and trying to shake that wedge.

Pattinathaar sang the above song, as he realised that he too was in the same position, got caught in the whirl of bonding and affection. There he decided to become a sanyasi

To be continued in the next post.

More to come, until then...


thiruchchi said...

Dear Mr. Prabhu,

Its very surprising and rare to find the people who realises impoartance of Pattinaththaar, his poems and his Spirutualism. Keep it up.


R.Prabhu said...

Thank you Mr. Thiruchchikkaaran, Pattinathaar has left us a lot of Spiritual treasure for us to explore

Vidhya said...

very interesting. Good post.

R.Prabhu said...

Thank you very much Vidhya

thiruchchi said...

Dear Mr. Prabhu,

Pattinathaar is specual and Extraordinaray. He did not look for any thing except complete liberation.

Do you have the complete collection of pattinathaar paadalkal?


R.Prabhu said...

Dear Mr. Thiruchchikkaaran,

Yes, Indeed, I do. I have the soft copy of it that I got from Project Madurai site. You can click this link to download the pdf version of it

Rekha's Page said...

Very good post about Pattinathar. Thanks.

R.Prabhu said...

Thanks Rekha!

Maayaa said...

next enga??

R.Prabhu said...

The next part is in the writing. Actually, I got caught amidst a lot of activities, so had very little time to squeeze in for the next part of the post. Will surely post it around next week.

Thanks Priya!

Deepak said...


Thanks a lot buddy. Can't wait for the next part.

- Deepak

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Nice post, its surprising why you have not addded your blog with tamilmanam

R.Prabhu said...

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