Saturday, September 15, 2007

Graceful Kumaresa Sadhagam!

Our Tamil poets had an eloquence in Tamil Language that they were capable of writing hundreds of songs at a stretch. Those songs were so elegant that those songs/poems sought to inculcate morals and facts of life. They have stood for hundreds of years as a moral reference. We already came across one such work - The Arappaleeswara Sadhagam by Ambalavana Kavirayar. There is one more Sadhagam (100 songs in praise of some deity inculcating some moral throughout - forms part of the 96 Prabandhams), the Kumaresa Sadhagam by Gurupaadha Daasar. The song is in praise of Lord Kumaresan (Murugan), hence the name Kumaresa Sadhagam, in the place called Pullvayal. The 100 songs sung in praise of Lord Kumaresan (Murugan) is full of elegance and grace in explaining the ethics. These songs were sung some 250 years ago and being recited in many homes. The facts and morals explained in it are applicable even today. There are songs explaining on how to get the Thiruneeru (Viboothi - The sacred ash) and how the Thiruneeru should be applied on the forehead and other parts of the body. We will see two songs that are really exemplary of the grace of the songs.

The first song is about the things that are useful to many people.

"Kondal Pozhimariyum Udhara Sarrgunam
Udaiya Kovum Ooruniyin Neerum
Kootamidum Ambalaththu Urutharuvin Nizhalum
Kudiyalar Vivasayamum

Kandavarkal Ellarum Varum Perum Sandhiyil
Kanipala Pazhutha Maramum
Karunayudanae Vaithidum Thanneer Pandhalum
Kaveripol Ootramum

Vindalathu Urai Chandraadhitha Kiranamum
Veesu Maarutha Seedhamum
Vivegi Enum Nalloridathil Ooru Selvamum
Vegu Sanarkku Ubagaaramaam

Vandimir Kadappamalar Maalai Ani Senkalaba
Maarbanae Vadivelava
Mayil Yeri Vilayadu Kuganae Pullvayal Needu
Malaimevu Kumaresanae"


The rain giving clouds, The generous hearted king, The water from the lake in the country, The shade of the tree where people gather, The agriculture of the farmer.

The tree bearing lots of fruits that growa in a place beneficial for the people. The Thanneer Pandhal, place where water is served free for passers by. The spring that has water flowing like the river Kaveri.

The rays of the space residing Sun and the Moon, The gentleness of the breeze, the wealth in the hands of a wiseman, all of above mentioned things will benefit many in the country

I worship the Lord Kumaresan who is adorned with the Kadamba Flower Garland in which the bee gathers nectar and who mounts atop the peacock in the hilly region of Pullvayal.

The next song is about the activities that happen in this Yugam - The Kali yugam. The Hindu cosmology has cyclic period has Four successive periods called Yugams. The Sathya or Krita Yugam (17,28,000 years), The Treta Yugam (12,96,000 years), The Dvapar Yugam (8,64,000 years) and the Kali Yugam (4,32,000 years). Now in 2007 just 5109 years have passed in the Kali Yugam. There is a lot to tell about these yugam calculations but we will see that in a later post. In Kumaresa Sadhagam, Gurupadha Dasar explains what activities will happen in this Kali Yugam. The song goes like this

"Thaai Buddhi Sonnal Maruthidum Kaalam Uyar
Thandhai Seeru Kaalam
Sarrguruvai Nindhai Seikaalam Meikadavulai
Sattrum Ennadha Kaalam

Peidheivam Endru Ubasariththidum Kaalam
Purattarukku Yetra Kaalam
Pendaati Vaiyinum Kaetkindra Kaalam Narr
Periyar Soll Koladha Kaalam

Thaeivudanae Periyavan Sirumayurum Kaalam Migu
Siriyavan Perugu Kaalam
Seruvil Vittu Odinor Varisai Perr Kaalam Vasai
Seppuvorkku Udhavum Kaalam

Vaaimadham Pesividum Aniyaya Kaararkku
Vaaitha Kalikaalam Ayya
Mayil Yeri Vilayadu Kuganae Pullvayal Needu
Malaimevu Kumaresanae"

meaning, The time period where people not heeding the words/advice of their mother. The time period where children fight with their respectable father. The time period where their guru is being insulted. The time period where people don't think about the real God.

The time period where the ghost are hailed as Gods. The time for all the liars. The time period where people hear to the wife shouting and scolding them. The time period where the words of the wise people are neglected.

The time period where great people are being denigrated and mean and useless people grow. The time period where the person who ran from the war field is being awarded. The time period where people help those who vituperate them.

It is the time for all the people who commit blatant injustice. And all these events happen in the time period called the Kali Kaalam.

I worship the Lord Kumaresan who mounts atop the peacock in the hilly region of Pullvayal.

Though quite simple in the use of language, but Kumaresa Sadhagam has indepth meanings in its song. The great man who bestowed these songs surely would have been blessed by the God of the Tamil Language - God Murugan.

More to come, until then...


BALAJI K said...

Thanks for this post. wonderful it is! reading the lines from Kumaresa Sadhakam ! very enjoyable. You have selected such good stanzas, one about things which are useful to others(meaning, people should do such kind of helps like planting trees,keeping water stalls,doing financial help to others, etc.)and the other stanza about the presence of Kali in the present Yugam. I would say you are doing a great service to others by bringing out all these treasures! Keep it up .
With Regards,


R.Prabhu said...

Balaji Sir.
Thank you very much for the kind support which keeps me going!

Maayaa said...

arapaleesa sadhagam...dhevaime..idellaam naan indiala irukumbodhu kettadhu...ippo andha pera kettavudane..oru nimisham engayo poyten!!
thanks for bringing it up on net...

kumaresa sadhagam...interesting..idhu enaku kekaadha onnu maari iruku!1

R.Prabhu said...

Yes, Kumaresa Sadhagam is one of the ancient treasures, and I also have a post about Arapaleeswara Sadhagam - What to tell and What not to tell

Viji said...

My father who is 90 years old is looking for all the 100 songs of Kumaresa Satakam. I could not get it in any book shop. Would be able to help as to where I can get it?
Thank you.


Dear Sir,Iam really eager to have 100 songs of KUMARESA SATAKAM - can anybody help us? am Sivashanmugam and my mail id is do the needful..i will be very grateful...


Dear Prabhu,Kindly help how to get the kumaresa satakam...

R. Prabhu said...

@Viji and @Arutjyothi

If you are in Coimbatore you can get it from Vijaya Pathippagam or from Vanadhi Padhippagam from Chennai. I think you can also get it from online book stores like or landmark

Mallika Ravichandran said...

Bro,another interpretation: in ancient times, they buried dead children and called their grave nandhavanam. This Aandi is referred to as the grave keeper. The pot refers to the Aandi's dead child. As he was sad on his hard-prayed for child's death, he dances to his sorrow and breaks the ritual pot after burial.

Mallika Ravichandran said...
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Mallika Ravichandran said...
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R. Prabhu said...

Thanks Mallika for the interpretation!