Sunday, July 29, 2007

Historical Thirumurugan Poondi

Its been a long time since there was a post about temples. Recently I had a chance to visit one of the ancient treasures we have. The temple is Muruganathaswamy Temple at Thirumurugan Poondi. The temple dates back to around 2000 years. It is said that the temple was built by a Chera King and was popular those days. This temple is where Lord Muruga worshipped Lord Shiva and hence the name Thirumurugan Poondi. The main deity is Lord Shiva in the name Muruganathaswamy, and Goddess Parvathi in the name Muyangupoon Mulaiyammai. Lord Muruga, is also a prime deity in this temple. The speciality of the Murugan sculpture is that it has six faces carved in a single stone and is so beautifully done. There is also a legend that Sundaramoorthy Nayanar was plundered of the things he had with him. The temple is located at about 5 Kms from Avinashi on the way to Tiruppur. The temple has a lot of inscriptions carved along the walls. One inscription read Rajendra Devar which mean King Rajendra Cholan has also donated many things to maintenance and renovation of this temple.

The mandapam at the entrance of the Temple

The corridor in front of the temple

The Nandi on top of the Kanaga Sabai Mandapam

The Vimanam of the Murugan Temple

Another view of the Vimanam of the Murugan Temple

Another view of the Murugan Temple Vimanam

Gopinath and Sathiyaraj in lateral side of the Vimanam

Gopinath and me in lateral side of the Vimanam

Another angle of the Murugan Temple Vimanam

The Vimanamam of The Lord Shiva (Muruganathaswamy)

Another view of the Vimanam of the main deity

A close-up view of the main Vimanam

Inscriptions on the walls

A close-up view of the sculptures on the walls

A devotee falling at the feet of the Shivalingam

Another view from inside the temple

The temple vimana from the south side, with Lord Dakshinamoorthy

The main temple vimanam from behind

Another view of the temple vimanam

The Vedu Pari

The Vedu Pari

The Vimanam of the Amman temple

The Madappalli, where offerings are prepared

The main vimanam from the North

Three Vimanam in a single shot

The main Vimanam and the Amman Temple Vimanam

The side view of the Amman Temple Vimanam

The Nandhi Well

Entrance to the Nandhi well

The corridor in front of the temple

Another view of the corridor

The Kodi Maram

The Temple Madhil (Outer wall)

The temple Theertham (Well)

View inside the temple Well

Gopinath and Sathiyaraj in front of the temple Madhil

Lush green lawn around the Temple

The view of the temple from outside the Madhil

A well that is the outer Prakaram

Outside view of the well

The temple is a archaeological wonder that stands to this day. The temple is now maintained by the Archaeological Society of India (ASI) and is declared as a National Heritage Monument.

More to come, until then...


Voracious Blog Reader said...

Paathaley, amaidhiya irukkum pola irukkey.

Voracious Blog Reader

Aboorva said...

Romaba Allaga Thathruvama Padam Pudichirrukegayae Fine

R.Prabhu said...

@Voracious Blog Reader

Yes, indeed, it is very serene and calm. You should visit this place at least once, if you have time


Thank you very much!

ஜீவா (Jeeva Venkataraman) said...

Vow, So many photos!
Lovely captures, Thanks!

R.Prabhu said...

Welcome to my blog! thanks for coming by!!!

general said...

Hi Prabhu,

Its amazing to see ur blog on Thirumurugan Poondi. I am a native of the TM Poondi Village. I work in Bangalore now. I am a Saivaite too. I loved the way you've said about Sundaramoorthy Nayanar and the overview of the history of Poondi temple. Great work!!!

R.Prabhu said...

Hi general,

Good to hear that you are a native of Thirumurugan Poondi! Welcome to my blog!! Thank you very much for leaving a note about you that you belong to this excellent place!

NithyaVarahi said...

Hi Prabhu,

I am From Thirumurugan Poondi. Good Captures. Thanking you.

R. Prabhu said...

Thanks Nithyavarahi.

kaviya said...

nice kovil ,....,. i m proud to tell that one of the prist in the kovil is my papa ... nice picss

R. Prabhu said...

Thanks Kaviya!

Vijayaraghavan R said...

I really wondered that the temple built way back to 2000 years. My recent to
visit to temple,worshipping Lord Siva and Thirumurugan induced the inner
religious feelings more than ever. Your blogs on temple history has is in fact an awareness one and very much useful to everybody. It is more useful if
the history of the temple and Devaram paadalgal displayed in the temple premises.

R. Prabhu said...

Thank you Vijayaraghavan

beegee said...


Thanks for your blog. How do you date this temple back 2000 years? Can you please point me to any data/literature on this? Thanks in advance.

R. Prabhu said...


I posted this about a decade back. I referred to various articles, books which I don't remember now, and I haven't kept records of sources during my early days of blogging. This temple is said to be even older than Sundarar's time, which is about 1300 to 1400 years. I will definitely dust those old sources and let you know as soon as I find it.