Monday, April 02, 2007

Stupendous Saarangapani Temple!!!

The Saarangapani Temple adorns the heart of the divine city Kumbakonam. Built around the time of the Pallavas and renovated and reconstructed and repaired by the Nayak Kings around the 15th century, is a masterpiece that stands 12 storeys and a staggering 150 ft high. The main gopuram has exquisite sculptures, that symbolises the creativity and the hard work of our ancestors. The temple is devoted to Lord Rama. The deities are named Saarangapani and Komalavalli Thaayar. Lets see the amazing and the wonderful pics of the great temple.

The main Raja Gopuram (Pradeep just getting into the view)

Close-up view from the front. The soaring 12-storey Gopuram is stupendous

The vertical view from the base of the Gopuram

Vertical View from the base of the Gopuram, with a flock of pigeons flying

View of the Gopuram, from inside the temple

Vertical View from the Base of the Gopuram inside the temple

Compare the height of the Gopuram - Yamanoor, Myself and Pradeep standing

Exquisite and artistic sculptures on the Gopuram

A close view of the sculptures of the Gopuram

Another close view of the sculptures of the Gopuram

View of the Gopuram from inside the Pragaram (View from North-West)

View of the Gopuram from inside the Someshwarar Temple

Another view of the Gopuram from inside the Someshwarar Temple

Photographs are allowed only outside the sanctum sanctorum. But the Manadapam in the sanctum sanctorum, is in the shape of a chariot driven by horses and elephants and it is so beautifully carved and a hall before the sanctum sanctorum, has a set of pillars, the sculptures of which are out of this world. A must see place!! 

More to come, until then...


Chakra said...

Glad to see those photos. It is quite a while since I visited Sarangapani temple. Any chance that you would post the pics of other temples at Kumbakonam?

I have been reading your blog for the last few weeks... but commenting for the first time.

R.Prabhu said...

Thanks Chakra! Have already post Darasuram, Keezha Pazhayaarai. Sure will post the other temples too soon!