Saturday, February 19, 2005

Fascinating Thirumandhiram

Thirumandhiram, the name seems to sound like something that is involved with some magic etc. But it is a great work that describes various parts of the human life - Birth, Living, Death. Not only the book describes a great deal of Science that really makes me wonder, how it was possible to ponder about such things at that time , having no modern tools or technological advances as we have now. Thirumandhiram is written by a Siddhar (loosely a saint, rather a discipline one), Thirumoolar, whose real name was Sundarar and then later due to reason that he had to transfuse his soul into to the body of a sheperd named Moolan, he got the name Thirumoolar. But the work that he has given to the work is an extraordinary piece of work, that even if he is reborn, it is a doubt that he could produce such a work. It is vast and cannot be explained in just one blog entry like this. His work consists of medical information, human virtue, scientific terminology and many others that one has to delve deep into it to understand and realise the truth he has described. For example, he states that human's have 10 senses, contrary to what the world believes, six. The song that says this is

"Uttrarivu Ainthum Unarntha Arivu Arum Ezhum
Kattrarivu Yettum, Kalantha Arivu Onbadhum
Pattriya Pathum Pala vagai naazhigai
Attrathu Ariyathu Azhigindra Vaaray"

The five senses, Vision, Hearing, Touch, Taste, Hearing is inbuilt. The sixth one being Common Sense. The seventh one that you get out of Experimenting. The eighth one is the one you get by Experience. The ninth one being Public Relations. The tenth one being realisation of GOD. And it takes a long time to attain all these. So don't let bad things disturb you in the process of attaining these senses.

Not only this, he gives the size of human cell, the position of the pitutary gland, the components of the gene ( A,C,T,G), in such a simple manner that I really wonder how he got the knowledge and how he was able to identify them. Apart from the physiological aspects of humans. He also describes about the practices of Yoga and how that would have a positive impact on the life of humans.

More to be explored. Lets do that in the upcoming blogs. Till then take a look at Thirumandhiram by downloading it from the site

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Proud to be an Indian!!!

I am proud to be an Indian, because India has a very long tradition and heritage and numerous things that makes the people of the world wonder. From art, architecture, engineering, medicine, mathematics and what not. For art, Ajanta Ellora caves are the best examples and the arts; for Architecture and Engineering, the various temples built across the subcontinent - the Meenakshi Temple - Madurai, The Brahadeeshwara Temple - Tanjore, The Srirangam Temple - Srirangam - to name a few, and the various dams, the Kallanai for example across the Cauvery. For medicine- Ayurveda, Siddha - these medicinal treatment are known to cure most diseases without any side effects. For mathematics, many stalwarts Aryabhatta (for PI), Bhaskara (Calculus), Bramhagupta (for the numbers that we are using even today) and so on. And the list grows on. Not only in these fields, there were people who mastered astronomy. Infact, the father of surgery, Sushrutha did many complicated surgery even before others civilisations knew that humans could be cured by operating them. if we consider the engineering and architecture of the temples, it is a herculean task to move the massive granite rocks. But how did they cut such huge rocks and shaped them without any tools that are available today and how they transported. In fact, I know how they cut it the rocks so precisely, the technology is from Avaiyar's song and they transported the them using elephants It is still a wonder how these people gained the knowledge. There are answers to these and more informations to be posted in this blog. But for the lack of time, I will continue posting them as i find time. A lot of people need to be described and made known to the world. Their achievements, works are what they have left for us and the generations to come. Lets unravel them in the days to come. Until then read more in Wikipedia

Hello World!!!!!

As the subject itself implies, I am a programmer, and every programmer starts with the Hello World Program . So do i started this blog. Will post more info abt many things that i aspire, wonder and yearn to know how it happened.... Coming soon on these blogs....

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