Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Hello World!!!!!

As the subject itself implies, I am a programmer, and every programmer starts with the Hello World Program . So do i started this blog. Will post more info abt many things that i aspire, wonder and yearn to know how it happened.... Coming soon on these blogs....

Till then view my homepage at its initial stages.

My Homepage

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kichami said...

Hullo Prabhu, what a surprise!After I wrote I picked up Ur home page and vow!iindu karathan anai mugathan image and Thirumular's praise of Him and 17 completed stanzas!U are a computer buff.I envy U.I could only download and see.I want to type in Tamil Font but.I don't know of any font source whch can transliterate the english version to tamil. Great since at 75 self and 70 my wife we are actively engaged in Indian alternative systems of Therapy here in U.S lecturing,conducting classes where 'Bhogar',Thirumoolar,
Saragar,Sushrutar have an imp place
Hello os good, modern and we can pun and include "Well-o".As I said earlier my 2nd son here compiles list of Indian bloggers and Ur name is now included under CBE since he is collecting country wise and city wise for India in his
>indibloggers.blogspot.com and his
own >chennaicentral.blogspot.com
Bravo!I wrote on Kavimani DesigavinayagamPillai'sTamil version of Rubiyat of Omarkhayyam but no takers for the beauty.Pl continue tirelessly.Kudos.P.K